A self-styled expert on “seduction” and “masculinity” has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his ex-girlfriend in 2020 in a town outside Paris.

Michel Filetas, 41, a French train worker who retrained as an aerobics coach and posted videos online about living the life of an alpha male, was found guilty of stabbing to death his 34-year-old ex-girlfriend at her home in Aqueville.

Yvelines’ court heard that Philetas, who described herself online as a “seduction coach”, stabbed her ex-partner more than 80 times after arriving home late at night.

He was convicted of the attempted murder of his new friend, as well as the attempted murder of his younger sister and sexual assault that same night.

The public prosecutor, Marine Montauso, told the court that Filetas’ actions were a “burbage crime” and that there was “no doubt” that it was premeditated.

Referring to his video output, the prosecutor said it was clear that he “would not tolerate any woman standing with him”. She said she had a “feminine murder hatred”.

Philetas told investigators he did not hate women. He said that he has posted more than 1,500 videos on YouTube about masculinity because he is interested in online communication.

In court, he invoked his right to remain silent during most of the interrogation. At the end of the hearing, she said it was because she felt “great shame”.


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