The world has seen several bank failures in recent weeks. Fortunately, for customers of failed banks, at least until today, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), along with the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, stepped in to fully insure deposits. Governments have felt the need to intervene to prevent the financial collapse of banks from contaminating other parts of the economy.

However, many questions remain for employers and retirement plans that have more deposits in the bank than are FDIC guaranteed. For example, [Newsweek reported](that the California State Teachers Retirement System had $11 million in Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) stock as of January 31, 2023 in addition to banking exposure in excess of the FDIC guarantee. The Teacher Retirement System is fortunate that the government is fully guaranteeing its deposits at SVB. A key question that all employers and retirement plans should be thinking about going forward is whether the government always fully insures bank deposits above the FDIC guarantee. The rest of this paper discusses the FDIC insurance program. Will explore the basics, what a customer can expect to receive if the government does not step in to fully refund deposits in excess of the FDIC guarantee, and how. Bitcoin Employers may adopt solutions once market conditions fall within certain parameters. [](

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