This week, the Euler finance protocol was hacked, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars of crypto. The attacker rejected the protocol’s offer to retain 10% and began mixing funds to obfuscate them. Continue reading to find out more.


Bitcoin has pushed through $25,000 Major resistance level. However, the charts suggest that it may be at or near its top for now.


Ethereum developers have completed The final round Test for network before upgrading Shapella.


The Euler Finance The protocol was hacked, millions of dollars in $DAI, $USDC, $STETH, and $WBTC were stolen in a flash loan attack.

A hacker exploiting the Euler Finance protocol has Rejected The platform offers to retain 10% by mixing 1000 ETH in Tornado Cash.

The world’s largest decentralized exchange Unzip has officially launched its services on the EVM-compatible smart contract blockchain, the BNB chain.


The Arbitrum Foundation announced that it is broadcasting its New token ARB to the community on March 23.


Microsoft is reportedly testing the integration of a Web3 Wallet in its Edge browser, according to software documenter and information leaker Albacore.

Worldcoin has announced the launch of the project World IDA digital identity solution based on zero-knowledge credentials.

The European Union has published a DocumentIn particular a common Union toolbox for a coordinated approach towards a European Digital Identity Framework: the European Digital Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework, or ARF.

According to a Bloomberg report, Coinbase is exploring options for a setup Crypto trading platform As part of an aggressive expansion campaign outside the US.

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The issuer of the USDC stablecoin, Circle, has it vacated “Substantially all” of redemption and minting requests for USDC.

Innovation-focused fund manager Arch Invest has raised more than $16 million for one New crypto fund which will be split between the company’s domestic version and its Cayman Islands version.

According to an announcement by the Federal Reserve, New York Signature BankWhich had many clients in the cryptocurrency space, was shut down by state regulators.

According to NYDFS, the signature is closed to the bank Not related in its cryptocurrency transactions.

Banking system instability The last few days have caused widespread panic while crypto networks continue to operate without a crash.

The Industry Recovery Initiative Launched by Binance after the FTX collapse, BUSD will now convert to BTC, ETH, and BNB.

Circle said it kept an undisclosed portion of its $9.8 billion cash reserves As of 17 January 2023 in the failed Silicon Valley Bank.


Hong Kong is taking significant steps towards becoming a global crypto hub Latest developments This indicates that the city is positioning itself as an attractive destination for crypto-related businesses.

The class action lawsuit is claiming Top Finance YouTubers Those who promoted the FTX exchange on their channels should be held accountable.

Congressman Tom Emer sent a letter to the FDIC chairman Explanation The FDIC has instructed banks not to offer banking services to crypto customers.

Former Monero lead custodian Richard SpagniHe was extradited from the United States to South Africa in July last year, but his appeal to have his extradition declared unlawful was rejected.

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The European Parliament has voted in favor of it Proposed legislation which will challenge the immutability of smart contracts.

The FBI is the latest agency to launch one Investigative investigation Against Terraform Labs and its disgraced founder and CEO, Do Kwon.

Labeled the third-largest ‘bank failure’ in history, Signature Bank actually was solvent Sunday when regulators took over. Did regulators seize the opportunity to crack down on crypto banking?


According to a recently released announcement, Meta Facebook and Instagram have reached the end of the road for its NFT projects.


NFT market OpenSea recently addressed a vulnerability in their code that could be exploited to leak user data.

Hedera Network has shut down all access to its wallet and app as it investigates Technical irregularitiesWhich could lead to potential exploits in its smart contracts.

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