This selection – sometimes difficult to do – presents the 5 articles considered the most important of the past week. To be able to do this Stay informed about important innovations and advancements in the field. At the end of this selection, A complete technical analysis of the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies symbolic of the news of the week.

A great way to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency ecosystem while enjoying the weekend.

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Banking crisis – “Bitcoin was built for this moment”

A banking crisis in the United States may well be the case It is quickly becoming a global problem, shares of big banks such as BNP Paribas and Société Générale already have significant impacts. But intervention by the Federal Reserve (Fed) is also believed to be reassuring in terms of rapid decline. Regularly position compared to the financial crisis of 2008. That’s why investor and author Tatiana Koffman asks herself a simple question: Wouldn’t Bitcoin be a solution developed specifically for this kind of historical moment?

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Meta – Abandonment of NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

Meta - Abandonment of NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry is sometimes difficult to follow. First, because innovations continue to follow each other at a frantic pace. But also because their eclipse often repeats according to the direction of the wind and the orientation of the market. And the latest season is none other than Bhan Massive meta in the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFT).. Because its head of commercial and financial technology, Stephane Kasril, recently announced Unexpected termination of this experiment.

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Last step for Ethereum before return of staked ETH

The last step for Ethereum

For the long-awaited hard fork of Ethereum Allow validators to withdraw their ETH from the beacon chain Goerli was successfully run on testnet. The Shanghai update is expected next month.

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Circle partners with Cross River Bank

Circle Cross River Bank

The bankruptcy of Silvergate Bank, which voluntarily lowered its flag on March 8, but in which the circle was not exposed, started hostilities. This followed the March 10 receivership of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) by the FDIC. Then on March 12, regulators shut down Signature Bank, both of which serve crypto companies, including issuer USDC. But Circle managed to find a new bank very quickly to ensure the operation of its stablecoin. With automatic settlement through Cross River Bank.

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EU – The European Parliament wants to regulate smart contracts

EU – The European Parliament wants to regulate smart contracts

Regulation of the cryptocurrency industry At the heart of many current governments’ concerns. Since the beginning of this year, there has been an increase in mostly aggressive initiatives. and decisions that are often inconsistent with the mode of operation or aspirations of this ecosystem based on self-management and independence. But no matter how ridiculous, the European Union continues in its desire to harm this digital economy. Latest offer: Implement a transaction termination option in smart contract developers

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Bitcoin – A Week Full of Emotions!

Bitcoin: An emotional week!

It’s been this week Full of emotion for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry. The banking market in the United States is undergoing bankruptcy and record losses and crypto-banks are very clearly in the eyes of regulatory authorities. But at the same time A BTC that returns to growth To come close above $24,700 yesterday. The opportunity to focus this analysis on the position of the main cryptocurrency in the field, but also on Ethereum and BNB.

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