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Barcelona police have arrested five people “with Taser type guns and tie wraps” who tried to attack a crypto company.

According to this Officers from El Caso, Mossos d’Esquadra, Catalan Police intervened after the thieves were stopped by the owner of the business.

When the gang tried to tie up the janitor of the building where the company had its office, the landlord intervened.

The police said The incident took place on the afternoon of January 14, 2023. They explained thatA gang member posed as a client on a date “To access the offices” in the company.

But when faced with opposition, they As they tried to enter, a struggle ensued. The company employees then informed the company owner. He then called the police An attempt was made to arrest the person.

Then the thief, the police continued,”Escaped through the service stairs that led to the roofFrom where they could jump to the roof of a nearby building.”

Four escaped this way, but the fifth member, who posed as a customer ” Crypto is trapped inside the company’s office.”

When he tried to get out the front door, he was met by police officers. Officers initially thought he was an innocent customer, but then searched him and found disposable latex gloves in his pocket. They also interviewed and noted down all the customers present on the premises “Inconsistencies” in human statements..

How did the police find all the people?

Officers also found car keys and a parking ticket, which they eventually used to identify the vehicle. They then put the vehicle under surveillance. later, Authorities were able to arrest four other people involved in the attack When they returned to the parking lot to get the vehicle.

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There were five attackers Arrested for attempted theft, threats, illegal possession, damage and injury. And all the five were detained for trial.

Note that at the end of 2022, the government announced its intention to add A series of cryptocurrency sections in the country’s penal code.

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