Freemason Scholarships 2016 Featuring Grand Master Jacinda Ardern

Male to Female Transgender
Jacinda Ardern

Freemason University Scholarships 2016
Featuring The Grand Master Jacinda Ardern
Wednesday 25th May…

Quote: from a Freemason in NZ

“If somebody who joins Freemasonry as a Man, and goes through the gender-affiliation
process, and becomes a “Women” ~ they’re
still a Freemason, and you can’t kick them out of your lodge…

Rich James – Philippine Born Freemason in New Zealand.

“We’re huge on Scholarships, like
Jacinda Ardern received a Freemason Scholarship – If you read our magazines,
Ardern is all through them”

1John 5:19
We are of God
(Filled with the Holy Spirit)
The whole world lieth in the power
of the evil one.

Video: Jacinda Ardern looking down
at her Junk, and laughing.

Selected, not Elected

Spent 9 years under Hillary Clinton in
NYC and reportedly Smoked Crack Cocaine regularly with Barack H. Obama…

Reverse Speech
Baal – Lucifer – Moloch


A “Reptilian” Spiritual Manifestation
of the Seraphim; The 5th Cherub Serpent Satan cursed to eat from the dust of the Earth (Humankind) Manifests from a Different Dimensionality (2nd Heaven) into the Host Human and Human Hybrids Genetic Code bringing with it an Hierarchy of Demons and other Holographic Face-Formed Entities that all work together to Create the Continuous Motion known as Shapeshifting.

All Celebrities Entertainers Actors and Politicians are Covered with Demons that Manifest in Face-Form Structures [Faces]
These Demonic Principalities are Transferable through the Optical Nervous System in Alpha-Wave Geometrical Patterns when viewed from the Television/Smartphone Alpha-Beta Wave Black Mirror Trance.

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And in no other name is there Salvation.
For there is no other name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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