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The FBI blamed North Korean hackers Last year’s attack on bridge providers Cross-chain harmony. The Harmony Horizon bridge was contracted in June 2022; Hackers have $100 million in cryptocurrency.

According to this Reuters etc YonhapThe FBI attributed the operation to “two groups of hackers affiliated with North Korea.” The Lazarus Group etc APT38.

The FBI on January 13 These groups laundered more than $60 million using a privacy protocol called “Railgun.”“of their funds. He also indicated that a “portion” of Ether (ETH) stolen during the hack was then sent to several virtual asset providers and converted to Bitcoin (BTC).”

Railgun is an unknown tool which provides certain levels of privacy protection to transactions.

Earlier this month, Chief Binance Claimed to be a platform Stopped a hacker in his tracks – and joined forces with rival Huobi.

Twitter user “Blockchain Sleuth” also noted Railgun-related activities on January 15, 2023.

The FBI repeated its claim, echoed by South Korean and UN intelligence, that North’s ‘theft and laundering’ of cryptocurrency ‘used to support its ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction’.

$1.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency stolen from North Korea

Last year, several private sector security vendors made claims There is evidence that Lazarus and other North Korean hackers attacked Harmony.

Yonhap noted, citing data from blockchain analytics firm ChainalysisA total of $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in 13 bridge hacks last year..

Harmony develops blockchain networks for decentralized finance (DeFi) players.

Last year, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service made the claim North Korean hackers have stolen about $1.2 billion in crypto over the past five years. NIS added that a total of $78 million was stolen from South Korean targets.

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