HEIC is an Apple image format used on the iPhone. This enables high quality images in small file sizes. Apple introduced HEIC in 2017, now among the most popular image formats after JPEG and PNG.

However, some Windows software packages support the HEIC format. Some users prefer to convert HEIC images to JPEG format so that they can open iPhone photos on PCs with many Windows applications. Batch conversion is great as it enables you to convert multiple HEIC images simultaneously. This is how you can batch-convert HEIC images to JPEG on Windows 11/10.

How to convert HEIC images to JPEG with CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

CopyTrans for Windows is HEIC software that adds a convenient HEIC to JPEG conversion option in File Explorer’s context menu. You can then select multiple HEIC images in Explorer and convert them to JPEG by right-clicking on the files.

Besides, installing this software enables you to preview HEIC images in Explorer without converting them. You can convert many HEIC images to JPEG with CopyTrans as follows:

  1. Open it CopyTrans HEIC for Windows Download page.
  2. Click CopyTrans HEIC Download it button and executable download.
  3. Double-click CopyTransHEICforWindowsv2.000.exe file.
  4. Click another one To proceed with the software contract options for CopyTrans HEIC.
  5. select I accept Click the radio button and for Terms of Use Agreement another one.
  6. Click I am installing CopyTrans HEIC for home use checkbox to select that option.
  7. Then select another one > Install Add new HEIC conversion context menu option.

Now that CopyTrans HEIC is installed, it’s time to convert your files:

  1. Open Explorer after installing CopyTrans HEIC (no need to restart Windows).
  2. Bring up a folder containing some HEIC images you want to convert.
  3. Hold on Ctrl key to select multiple HEIC files within Explorer.
  4. Right-click one of the selected image files to select it Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans. Windows 11 users need to be selected Show more options > Convert to JPEG.
    Convert to JPEG with the CopyTrans option

Then CopyTrans will convert the selected images to JPEG format without any kind of confirmation window pop up. This will save new JPG files for the HEIC images in the same folder. You need to click on a different folder and then go back to the directory containing the HEIC images to see the new files.

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows does not have any kind of user interface. So, there is no way to configure which folder the converted output is saved in or change any other settings.

With CopyTrans installed, you can enable HEIC image preview by clicking it in Windows 11 File Explorer. see command bar button. select to show > Preview pane in the menu. In Windows 10, you can select Preview pane above see Tab. Then selecting a HEIC image will show its sidebar preview.

HEIC image preview in File Explorer

FoneTool is a more general software utility for transferring iPhone files to and from Windows PC. That software includes phone file transfer, backup, and HEIC conversion tools. Its HEIC converter enables you to batch-convert multiple HEIC images to JPEG and PNG formats. Here’s how you can batch convert your HEIC images to JPEG with the freeware FoneTool version:

  1. open up FoneTool Download page.
  2. Click Free Download for PC To get the setup wizard for the freeware version.
  3. Then double click FoneTool_free_installer.Z1qPz.exe Open FoneTool’s setup wizard.
  4. If you want to configure the installation in any way, click Customize in the Setup window. Then you can click Select the path button to change directory.
  5. Select FoneTool’s Install now option.
    FoneTool setup window
  6. Click Enjoy now Exit installation and launch FoneTool.

Now it’s time to convert images with FoneTool:

  1. select Toolbox tab in the window of FoneTool.
  2. Click HEIC Converter Tank.
    Toolbox tab in FoneTool
  3. press on Add photos button, select some images, and click open up.
  4. Then select JPEG In photo pattern drop down menu.
    HEIC Converter window
  5. Click select button to choose the directory to save the converted JPEG files in. Click Select the folder button to confirm.
  6. Select an alternative Photo quality and Conversion speed settings.
  7. press on Start the conversion option.

A conversion complete dialog window will pop up after image conversion. You can click View the files button to bring up the directory containing the output files. Then open the subfolder there to access the JPEG files.

It’s worth exploring some of the other useful tools that FoneTool can offer beyond its image conversion utility. You can transfer images from mobile to PC by connecting your iPhone and clicking get started From iPhone to PC in the Phone Transfer tab. Click + Press and button to select files Start the transfer option.

Phone Transfer tab in FoneTool

Also, there is a duplicate photo finder tool that may be useful for some users. Click Photo Duplication above tool box Tab to open that utility. select Scan the computer Options and click Add folder Search the directory for matching images. Then you can select and delete similar or duplicate images to delete.

Photo Duplication Tool

How to Bach Convert HEIC Images to JPEG Free Online Converter with HEIC

There are various online HEIC to JPEG conversion tools that you can use in Windows browsers. HEIC to JPEG Free Online Converter is a web app that lets you convert up to 100 images simultaneously to JPEG, PNG, or BMP formats. Here are the steps to convert HEIC images to JPEG options with the web app:

  1. open up HEIC to JPEG Free Online Converter web app.
  2. press on Add HEIC files Tank.
    Add HEIC files button
  3. Select the HEIC image and click to convert open up option. You can only select one image at a time, you will need to repeat steps two and three to add more files.
  4. Click to expand options (select output format).
  5. select JPEG above Convert to drop down menu.
    Convert to Options
  6. Then set the value to Quality Box.
  7. select I agree checkbox. You can click Privacy Policy Link to view more information about fCoder Solutions’ data sharing policy.
  8. press on Convert to transform.
    Convert button
  9. Click Download all To save JPEG files.

You can also use this tool to batch-resize images. To do so, click Set image size, remove all EXIF ​​information option. Then input the values ​​in the New Width and New Height text boxes.

Image resizing options

Make iPhone photos more accessible on Windows

Converting HEIC images to JPEG format enables you to open, view and edit them with a much wider variety of Windows software. If you have a lot of them, it’s best to use a batch conversion tool to convert HEIC files to JPEG format. You can quickly convert HEIC images on Windows 11 and 10 with CopyTrans HEIC, FoneTool, and HEIC to JPEG Free Online Converter.


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