How to safely promote white sites with Xrumer?

In case we speak about white places and Xrumer then we can light distinguish 2 main areas:

Choice 1. Prosecution of enormous traffic, enormous number of communications
The question stays in that where?

It is never unreal to place very many communications on the white project in weight and disposable, it will urgently go to the ban of search sets.

Along with this Xurmer can excellently stimulate the intended traffic from forums (from messages, Email, autographs), from thousands of forums, from popular social networks Facebook, VKontakte, Schoolmates, the Mamba (and advancing the account and group, and using the answering machine of the robot who independently speaks with people and defeats the interested visitor that direction where it is necessary for you j).


proceeding from it

1. Any we pour enormous purposeful traffic variously to the place of imposing – a certain excellent, good landing page (for example, with reviews about your goods or service). We do not worry concerning its provisions in search sets, so, we conduct it very on a large scale.

2. Or we do an accurate pyramid of communication (more on it below). Accurate and excellent – not to fill the websites of the second people, we do not need it by and large. Such competent pyramids still prove to be perfectly in advance of SEO – for search queries. Or social pyramids – with Pinterest, YouTube, blogs Web 2.0 and others.

3. Any we advance on a large scale groups in social networks (as we know that they take the place better from external references, plus, we can apply them as doorways – to attract traffic in that place),

4. Or pouring out on channels in YouTube – here whereas explosions of communication do not work from abundance of any external references, the channel and video are better estimated on YouTube. Look through more about advance on YouTube with Hrumer here. But however, to be circumspect, YouTube, needless to say, which was more accustomed to virality and big distribution of communications with video, but you should not bury yourself. I would make it in the moderate, natural sums.


Choice 2. We advance the place in use of search sets of Xrumer in white.
Lower and lower in article about this subject.

These are, first of all, the trust bases, the small number of communications, pyramids of communication, social places, and, needless to say, unique technology “2.0 Against spam” – clever, natural placement at forums. Read in small details.

Earlier, I examined Hrumer only as spam car for registration at forums, forums, reference books and blogs, guest books – everywhere where you have an opportunity to find an opening or the registration form with which you have no opportunity to make nothing reliable for the place.

But now my opinion changed much, the different new parties of this strong and various program were shown.

Because it was written in one of articles of a competition on the website Khrumera:

“Hrumer is strong association and association, multipurpose which functions they in most cases apply no more, than 20%”.

It truly takes place. But to many people all functionality is simply useless.
Many people take Xrumer for registration of weight at forums or forums, and it does good work on it.

– Xrumer excellently bypasses all types of protection. Especially with new XEvil 5.0 that besides transfers Recaptcha 3.

– It places messages at forums in a format of answers and Questions – it the question of asked and answered from other person. Earlier, he forms reputation of a profile, does everything not to a descent, but through certain time – on automatic full

– Can send messages “” in the prime minister at popular forums of your subject which is the effective equipment for transmission of messages of target audience

– Can your posts at forums or any forums

– Helps to advance in social networks, to create groups, adores in Facebook and VKontakte, and add social signals to own website (more on it below, and you should not advance own the account and official groups with them – it is not safe),

– Applying the same messages and references, it helps to earn money on partner programs, CPA, dating sites, combined use of files, etc., to expand a view and traffic of the channel and video of YouTube.

– And there are a lot of other things.

It – what is applied by the most part of users of Xrumer.

But there are those who show imagination, the persistence, patience and teaches +, study to apply the power of the program to much fuller degree and to those places which have to be advanced with safety and high quality.

Only if you are a beginner, after that begin training at territories which not besides regret in case something happens to them.

And constantly you remember that you have to function Very Shepetilno with white places.

Some ways for promotion of qualitative websites with Xrumer:
Let’s analyze only some options, owing to the fact that depending on your imagination and the purposes, their perhaps huge number.


Good bases for Hrumer to advance these schemes stand

1. or sort it (preferable your personal base for each project). If you become a beginner, then my consultant will teach you all main moments in elementary one-time education.

2. either buy or order a personal forum of the help on Xrumer that it is full of the skillful experts offering their services.

Old databases from the public will not work here.

You remember that:

– You have no opportunity to set off the explosions of communication in one territory. In general it is recommended to add no more, than 30-40 references a month to 1 good zero place (that it is terrible to drive in the ban or the filter). But you have an opportunity to add references to these communications which contact it and increase, their weight – build so called communication pyramid, it is more on it later.

– Now, signature mentions, natural anchors, besides inactive anchors are extremely important – any which clear up to search sets that your company, your project, the place is popular also people information on distribution on it “itself”, without caring oh, in which there is a message with it. They. imitation of big naturalness. In case we add references with a direct anchor, then at first it is no more, than 20% and are preferable only from good, thematic, trust resources.

And besides do not forget about:

– The unique and excellent texts written under perfectly collected semantic kernel
– Full and competent optimization of each page
– Behavioural factors
– Convenience of application, increasing transformation, the obligation and trust of the visitor
– Social signals

As Hrumer can be used to advance the white place. There are only 5 options:

1. We use the scheme “Link pyramid”

2. Communications from trust thematic resources

3. Creation of a “natural” profile of communication – changed, with mentions, inactive communications, already then.

4. Increase in excellent social signals on your website from Schoolmates, Facebook and VKontakte.

5. 301 redirections from the second areas.




1. We use the scheme “Link pyramid”
This equipment is perhaps used both to quality free and to the acquired communications.

Communications which lead also to the home page of your website and to any news, articles and the second internal pages.

Both on young and on shabby places (You do not do direct explosion of communication on own website, so, it safely).


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