Paper 2023/074

Irregular sources in private calculations

Jeffroy KnifeCNRS, IRIF, Paris Cité University

Adi RozenCNRS, FILOFOCS, Israel


We consider multi-party information-theoretic private computation. Such calculations require the use of local randomness by the parties, and the question of minimizing the total number of random bits used for a given private calculation has received considerable attention in the literature. In this work we are interested in another question: given a private enumeration, we ask how many players need access to a random resource, and how many of them can be deterministic parties. We are more interested in the possible interplay between the number of random sources in the system and the total number of random bits required for computation. We deliver great results. We first show that, perhaps surprisingly, $t$ players (instead of $t+1$) having access to a random resource are sufficient for an information-theoretic $t$-private computation for any fixed functionality for $n$ players. Any $t


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