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The White House said that “weaknesses and security flaws” in the cryptocurrency industry have given North Korean hackers the opportunity to “steal more than $1 billion” over the past two years. And the United States added that the Pyongyang government used the stolen funds to fuel its nuclear missile program.

The allegation was made in an official statement, which was later reported by two local media in South Korea: VOA Korea etc Munhwa Ilbo. The White House announced that “particularly low levels of cybersecurity” within the crypto ecosystem presented an opportunity for North Korea to advance its weapons program, the latter of which has been particularly aggressive.

The US administration has also reaffirmed its commitment to ensure that the crypto sector does not destabilize the country’s financial situation, but also to ensure the safety of institutional and individual investors. Additionally, the statement similarly mentions that “bad actors in this industry must be able to be held accountable” in the event of a crisis.

The announcement adds that US law enforcement agencies are “increasing resources to combat illegal activities involving digital assets.” US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas said North Korea allegedly “funds” its “weapons of mass destruction” through “hacking” through both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. month

Anne Neuberger, the White House deputy adviser for cybersecurity and new technologies, reportedly indicated that Pyongyang is spending “up to a third” of stolen cryptocurrencies as part of its missile programs. Annie Neuberger previously called the crypto hack linked to the Pyongyang government “a major problem.”

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North Korea: More Hacks That Will Change the Rules of the Crypto Sector?

FBI officials recently announced that one of the most important hacker communities in the crypto ecosystem, the Lazarus Group, was responsible for the attack on Harmony Horizon Bridge in 2022. This hack caused a lot of ink last summer. A very large sum of money was stolen.

A direct result of these attacks and hacks is an increase in the severity of restrictions imposed on crypto mixing services such as Tornado Cash. US intelligence said hackers affiliated with the North Korean government used crypto-mixing services to launder the stolen funds.

Computer security experts recommend paying special attention to emails received during this time. This is because North Korean hackers are currently running a campaign aimed at attacking the crypto wallets of individual investors by sending fake job offers.


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