(stacker) – Millions of Americans buy lottery tickets each year, even though most people know that their chances of winning are slim to none. Why would they worry about taking home a bigger prize than dying in a plane crash or being struck by lightning?

People often Struggle to understand the possibilities, especially when anticipating the odds of things happening in their lives. Generally speaking, this deficiency is due to three crutches that solve many human problems: representation, availability, and anchoring.

With representation, people tend to overestimate assumptions based on similarities or a small sample as indicative of a larger truth. Availability is based on recency bias or the assumption that because something has happened recently, it is more likely to happen again. Anchoring is what people do when they lean too heavily on initial reference points, such as going to an expensive store where a discounted item of clothing seems cheaper than the initial price even though it’s still aggressively inflated.

Stalker Take a guess from 50 random events to determine how likely they are to occur. We obtained our information from government statistics, scientific articles, and other primary documents. Keep reading to find out why expectant parents shouldn’t count on due dates — and why you should be more concerned about dying on your birthday than living to be 100.

  • Being injured by lightning
  • won an Olympic medal
  • Death in a plane crash
  • Having twins
  • Die in a storm
  • winning the lottery
  • Being protected by CPR
  • Ulka died from a stroke
  • Looking for the four-leaf clover
  • Being audited by the IRS
  • Bowling is a perfect game
  • Live to 100
  • Earning a perfect score on the SAT
  • Getting your car stolen
  • Seeing his re-election to Congress
  • Having food poisoning
  • Entering Harvard
  • Losing something in the mail
  • Become a bone marrow donor
  • Dying in a shark attack
  • Named Emma or Jacob
  • Having trouble hearing
  • Becoming an astronaut
  • Died in a car accident
  • Graduate from college within six years
  • Long-term care insurance is required
  • The person next to you is able to read it
  • Being bipartisan
  • Die in a storm
  • Crack open the double-yolked egg
  • Your house is burning
  • Died due to falling furniture
  • Playing for a professional sports team
  • Become a millionaire
  • Death by bees
  • Getting lead poisoning
  • Someone you know identifies as LGBTQ+
  • died on your birthday
  • Being born with an extra finger or toes
  • Involvement in mass shootings
  • Catching Shiny Pokemon
  • Your birth control failed
  • Catching a foul ball
  • A royal flush being dealt
  • Born on a leap day
  • Keeping your wisdom teeth
  • That there is alien life
  • Give birth on your due date
  • being born
  • Creating a perfect March Madness bracket
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