What is PBN a grid? Creation of a grid of the websites for SEO

In recent years, creation of PBN of a grid for the websites raises many questions. To answer them, we talked to Vladislav — the SEO specialist from Artjoker. He told that such PBN the websites why and as they are created, shared experience of the team.

PBN the grid is a network of the auxiliary websites intended for promotion of the main project. As a rule, from them are affixed through (sewed in all pages of a resource — for example, the partners block) or usual (from homepages or from articles) references. All of them refer to relevant pages of the main website — those which need to be advanced in organic search.


Pluses of PBN network
The main plus of PBN is that it is developed under one average or large project. Respectively, we can operate completely the reference weight as we control an anchor sheets, relevant pages — we can change them and add any links in PBN of a grid of the websites — through or not through.

There is a good technique — to do relinking in pages so that all ankorny weight was transferred to main.
And from homepages we put down links on the main web portal. Thus, static weight (so-called, PageRank) will completely be transferred to the advanced project. At the expense of it visibility and positions well grows.

Minuses of PBN network
Per se, there are no minuses for SEO advance. To do grids of the websites expensive on time – it is only “shortcoming”.

Some people are frightened off by a high threshold of entry. There is an opinion that two or three failure will precede the first successfully built PBN network. This is true if to sit at forums and to try to discover everything on particles. But it is possible to use the chit-code doing any training more productive and fast — the help of the mentor.

We studied with the mentor. He advised us, and we did. Thanks to such approach, the first network of our team turned out quite good.
There is an opinion that PBN is gray unprofitable SEO a technique. And, yes, it gray, but its efficiency depends on how you will prepare network. If to restore the thrown resources from web archive, they almost always are awful — registration from the ninetieth and other features.

These strange websites can play more harm, than advantage.
If everything becomes by means of templates and with unique content, negative impact is excluded. In this case the technique stops being so “grey”.

The design and content in the restored websites is how important?

We have colleagues who just restore old projects from web archive, together with content and design — are not fooled with unique materials, templates, a micromarking. References from such platforms work, but if to look in the long term, development of design makes sense.

That websites looked most plausibly, we:

we put a micromarking on all projects;
we add fake phone numbers, the addresses;
we add “company” on cards;
we put down service prices;
we use adaptive sample design.
So the adequate thematic websites turn out. We look on the counter further — when the domain begins to bring traffic and it is good to be ranged, we put 301 redirects on the main web resource — all traffic will be poured on it.

How to create grid PBN for the websites?
At beginners everything begins with a question: “How to choose the domain”, at us — from its purchase. We look for and we acquire domains on Expired Domains service. Check of a domain name has to show the DR parameters from five/ten and above. It is desirable to buy “subject”.

When we created network:

took the domains getting to “subject” — for example, once brought together the left clinics of stomatology;
put a control system of content — WordPress and Joomla!;
added free templates, sliders that everything looked presentably;
ordered unique content from copywriters.
Development of structure of the website strongly became attached to pages of services of the main website — it is extremely important for advance. On pbn-networks we created the same sections and pumped over them references that they as much as possible corresponded to the project.

Kraud marketing and linkbuilding
To understand what number of blogs needs to be made, it is necessary to look at the reference mass of competitors and to estimate the number of references — already to make a start from these figures. It should be taken into account, here it is important to work step by step — not to create all massif at once.

Still the network needs to be pumped over. For this purpose use the help Hrumer or can buy references to GoogleLinks/Miralinks — literally to five references ankorny and bezankorny.




For what websites and subjects it is worth using PBN?
Of course, creation of PBN of a grid of the websites is relevant for e-commerce, online stores, a subject of services.

Sense to use PBN networks is always. Even for small online stores.
Now at the exchanges there were many platforms of bad quality. As a rule, already for half a year, all normal platforms are redeemed, only the option with pbn-network is relevant after that.

PBN build not only on the bought domains, but also on free services: WordPress, Blogger, LiveInternet. Such grids work, but it is worse. Anyway, plus for positions and growth of visibility of the project powerful — it is much bigger, than from purchase of references at the exchange.

When the risk of use of PBN of a grid is justified?
There is no risk if everything becomes accurately and professionally. Here it is important that Google suspected nothing. The closed grids of the websites on that and closed that nobody learned about them — we hid whois and fastened Cloudflare on domains — hid information from Google and competitors. Also the pbn-grid is closed from search boats: Ahrefs, Serpstat, Linkpad and similar.

It should be taken into account, relinking of a grid of the websites — that that will cause the lightning ban of a grid of the websites as communication becomes obvious.

To pass through the “afilliata websites” filter and Google did not reveal network, it is necessary to use Cloudflare and to hide whois is quickly and free of charge.

How can PBN do much harm SEO?
If it is correct to make everything, seo advance of the website will not suffer. If is not present, it is possible to get under filters of search engines. It occurs when Google notices that we manipulate the search engine at the expense of PBN network.

Let’s sum up the results
Creation of the website — a half of a way. When the conversation about advance begins, any effective remedies are used. So it developed that at a part of techniques doubtful reputation — PBN among their number. Nevertheless, the website will grow if to work professionally: to use services of the mentor; to hide whois and to fasten Cloudflare; to add unique content on the website; to put a modern template, to control references in pbn of a grid of the websites, not to do relinking between all units of a grid, sometimes to pokupit references to develop network.




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