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How the ‘Sonedex Gabon’ Ponzi Scheme defrauded investors

A weekly news program produced with photos, videos and personal accounts from France 24 observers around the world – all vetted by our staff in Paris. A company called “Sonedix Gabon” was offering users investments in solar energy in December and January, promising huge payouts. But one of our observers in Gabon quickly realized it was a scam, trying to warn others. Sonedix, an international company active in 10 companies, denied any operations in Gabon. And the so-called Sonnedix Gabon disappeared without a trace on January 10, shocking investors. In this episode of The Observers, we look at how Sonnedix Gabon managed to convince investors that it was a real company. And how our observer was able to uncover the Bursier Chibinda scam. FRANCE 24 Read more in English


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