A new version of Game Maker 0.8 has been released with “The Sandbox”, a metaverse game that uses NFT.

The new update adds features like multiplayer gameplay, lighting and visual effects upgrades, video and audio streaming, and auto-swim.

One of the most exciting new features of this update is called enhanced multiplayer gameplay. From multiplayer races to parkour and obstacle courses, creators will be able to deliver action-packed experiences to players.

It is also said that new lighting and visual effects features will make the Metaverse more immersive. With this update, effects like lighting are added as options. Additionally, video and audio streaming capabilities have been added, expanding the range of content available on Metaverse.

These new features open up endless possibilities for creators and players. With the Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 update, Metaverse will become a more social, interactive, and immersive place for players to connect and have fun.

While playing with Game Maker 0.8, the official announcement has been made. Opening data created from a previous version, Game Maker 0.7, may cause bugs.

In the Crypto Times editorial department, I ran into a bug while trying to open data created in 0.7 before writing, and the screen turned blue. It has not been confirmed whether the data will be opened in the future.

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If you want to create a game right away with Game Maker 0.8, we recommend creating a new one.

Image, article source:Sandbox medium,Sandbox Twitter


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