TikTok is looking to help creators better understand their video performance and the specific elements that work in each clip with new ones. Video Insights Analysis ElementNow available within the reporting section TikTok Ads Manager.

As you can see in this example, within the reporting section of Ads Manager, you can now tap to get specific insights about the performance of each of your uploaded clips.

As explained by Tick ​​tock:

“On the Video Insights home page, you can explore broad performance trends across your video library and compare them to industry benchmarks for each metric. In-depth including frame-by-frame engagement, ad spend over time, audience breakdown, and comment analysis by sentiment and theme. Click on any video to open the insights.

TikTok video insights

The new overview provides data on comparative ad performance (vs. industry benchmarks), insights into how specific elements are resonating in your clips, audience segmentation insights and more.

TikTok’s new insights provide more guidance on potential angles for your content and provide updates you can test to improve performance.

“Try different hooks, rearrange video elements, or create a new video based on the same title based on performance trends.”

You can also dig deeper into specific aspects:

“The Video Analytics Drawer offers five dimensions for you to tap into individual video insights: Key frames, the audience, Instant Page, an interactive add-onand Comments.”

By analyzing the performance of each, you can begin to create a more effective strategy, based on what works with your audience.

This is an interesting addition, providing a lot of data to chew on as you consider your TikTok strategy. Of course, you can over-optimize, by going too far into the depth of your analysis. But additional data points can provide valuable guidance on your content, by highlighting specific elements that resonate in your content.

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You can learn more about TikTok’s new Video Insights here.


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