What is network of the websites of PBN?


What is PBN network?
PBN for Private Blog Network is a network of the private websites. PBN are most often intended for one client to create references to the monetary websites that they appeared in search results of Google.
Two effects expected when using PBN.
The private websites bring traffic with google and Yandex and allow to monetize it.
All websites (network and monetary websites) take a maximum of positions in results of Google and Yandex, and close a maximum of words and needs of the user.


Advantages of PBN.

You only who has references from these websites These websites allow to redirect traffic on your lidogeneriruyushchy website or the websites on which you sell something, whether it be services or goods.
Place certain references on the homepage to transfer more traffic to your main website.
Why PBN networks have such impact?
You have to know that the reference is the most important factor of rating in the opinion of Google. Google measures popularity of the website on the received references. It as in real life: the more you are quoted by large media, the more people speak about you, the more you will be known in the opinion of the public. The same and with Google!
What should be avoided in network of PBN / Network of the websites.
PBN became very fashionable, and as for netlinking, there is everyone and everything in respect of advantages here!
The most widespread problems arising in PBN networks.

The websites are too poor according to contents, they are not useful in the opinion of search engines.
The optimized repeated reference anchors.
Often it is easy to identify grids on the general signs (Whois/Date of registration / identical ips, identical certificates of ssl, identical cms and structures of the websites, styles of statement and one type of pages, etc.)
Tracks domains with the expired for registration and doubtful name. Also it can be used for the websites with content for adults or spamny names of domains (Nike airmax, louis vuittion, Viagra, sex etc.)
Subjects of the websites are not observed (change of a subject or too general)

The websites connected in network.

Use of services Google (Analytics, Search Console, etc.)
All websites are developed by waves at the same time and refer to the website, for earnings.
What purposes at PBN network?
The websites of private networks have to receive the maximum visibility of results of Google, for this purpose first of all it is necessary to understand various intentions of search queries of users of Network.
4 types of search intentions of Google.
Information intent connected with search of some article with the answer to a question.
Search of information connected with news on the websites of media.
To find goods and to issue the order on the website of the seller.
To look at announcements of actions or to reserve a table at restaurant.
Therefore it will be necessary to adapt the websites of the private networks known to PBN according to it.
Create private networks of the websites for satisfaction of research intentions.

Thus, the websites have to answer various research purposes, that is their content has to be focused in this direction. An example of the websites of types of the websites which can be created:
personal blogs and way of life.
guides and blogs of opening.
the informative websites on accurately certain domain.
testing and comparison of the websites for goods or services.
All these websites will be created to respond to research intention, at the same time keeping trust to generation of the reference to your monetary website.




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