What is PBN (private grid) and as it works

What is PBN (private grid) and as it works.


PBN a grid of the websites — set of the websites referring to the resource advanced by you. Thanks to a private grid it is possible to improve ranging of the advanced website, to upgrade its rating in the opinion of search engines. The websites consisting in PBN are called satellites.

The main idea of a grid of PBN is that each of donors of private network is not connected among themselves. It allows to generate natural links and to increase the reference mass of the advanced website without use of methods of “black” SEO.

It is important not to mention and not to distribute information on the satellite websites at open forums and in social networks — otherwise, searchers can begin to mark the PBN references proceeding on the website acceptor as spam. It will lead to an exception of all websites of the index of the search engine and to final destruction of all grid.
What is the PBN websites and tracks?

Infographics – as looks PBN a grid.

During creation of PBN use drop-domains. Tracks — the website thrown by the webmaster with history, back links, a certain level of a trust, indicators X and DA. The Dropnuty website arises if the domain was not prolonged (for example, the author threw the blog or just decided to have the new blog on the new domain) and became available to registration.
Ways of search of thick woolen clothes.
Search of thick woolen clothes on the website expireddomains.net.


As the main way the search of drop-domains in special services — for example, by MyDrop.io, reg.ru, Expired domains is used. There it is possible to collect a selection of domains, to expose filters, to find according to keywords. From minuses — some services paid.
Selection via search engines is also possible. 10-15 main thematic inquiries are chosen, then the first 10-20 pages of search delivery are checked. The lack of a snippet, or the inscription “The Owner of the Website Preferred to Hide the Description of the Page” can testify to the expired term of registration of the domain. After finding of the necessary thick woolen clothes they need to be analyzed.

How to carry out the analysis of the websites.

The analysis of reference weight in SerpStat.

Enters the analysis of web resources:
Analysis of reference weight. On the thrown website there have to be at least of 10-20 own references, it is desirable bezankorny. If on a resource there are a lot of ankorny references — it can appear under filters of searchers. Anchors if is, should not be advertizing, on subject of a porn or with the Chinese symbols. Analysis of web archive. Check whether took place on a track dorvy or other garbage website. Analysis of search delivery. We check search results in Google and Yandex. We look at X of pages, we look for possible mentions on boards, forums, etc. — it is necessary to make sure that there was no run on forums.

Advantages and shortcomings of PBN networks.

Use of private network of the websites allows to control completely process of SEO, to use various techniques of advance and to experiment. It is possible to check own theories, operability of anchors.
At a vykladyvaniye of references from the websites with high authority the advanced acceptor will become more authoritative in the opinion of search engines, will receive more trust and other indicators of advance.
Besides, the need disappears to agree about placement of references with other owners of blogs since all websites are controlled only by you — all decisions are made too by you.

Shortcomings of use of PBN:

The risk to fall under sanctions. Google at the question “PBN — what is it?” will answer you: “Artificial accumulation of reference weight”, will also inflict sanctions if it finds similar network. As a result — the webmaster needs to organize competently network that it did not get under a sharp-sighted eye of the search engine. High price. Costs of a domain name, private WhoIs, a hosting, expenses on copywriters and programmers, perhaps, even designers enter the maintenance of the satellite website. In dollars there are already more than one hundred. Big injections of time. On search of good domain names, installation of domains, creation of the necessary pages and their filling and also the other moments from 3 to 10 days + expenses on experts also can.
Thus, private network of the websites — expensive, but effective remedy in hands of the experienced webmaster. The grid is capable to increase the reference mass of the advanced website, gives the wide field for experiments, but at the same time demands care, big injections of means and a lot of time.




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