Chocolate Spy 12 Cuckoo Eggs
These little eggs in a box are absolutely adorable – genius packaging, beautiful colors. A nice thin candy shell. Sweet, but not sweet. This is blue praline. I would try the brown – soft caramel. That was a wonderful surprise! Very victorious!

Pierre Marcolini 12 praline egg plumier
Very glamorous, like nails polished in a parlor. Dark, milk, white… red chocolate? Delicious taste; Good texture. I love pralines and seeds. Are they Eastery? They are so grown up, sorry kids. I will have another one now.

Asda Extra Special Dark Peppermint Egg
so beautiful Shades of Fabergé, or Kiss of Spider Woman. The chocolate is nicely dark, not too sweet, the mint balances well. Very refreshing. A movie on the sofa after lunch, that little? Jackpot.

Hotel Chocolate Incredible Vegan* Nutmilk Chocolate Easter Eggs
Like a giant pine cone with white dots, shame about them. It’s quite interesting; Really good, not sweet. Vegans can skip, so this egg can be very appreciated.

Heston from Waitrose The Chocolate Dobit
A duck, no – a rabbit … what is it?! That’s fantastic. You’ll scare the kids! It has a nice snap. Am I eating the ear or the bill? The dark chocolate is beautiful, five stars, but the stuff hidden inside is a bit too sweet, which is a shame. A lot of fun!

Lidl Deluxe Hen Party Chocolate
Oh, these must be in the nest! They are so cute, just gorgeous. Seeing the genius, and we will open them – a different interior. Very strong flavor filling. Look five, taste three. Very funny, but very sweet. Back in the coop with you!

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Easter egg taste test

Wicked Kitchen Poppin’ Candy Orange Chocolate Eggs
More crunchy bits inside – this year’s trend. The chocolate bits are a bit odd – are they meant to pop? But here the orange flavor is very bright, very powerful. It’s super fun, and vegetarian.

Waitrose No. 1 White Chocolate with Salted Caramel Truffles Easter Egg
I’m not sure if this color works for me. Caramelly, slightly crunchy. It’s wildly sweet, but very well made. (I think truffles are terrible.) Anyone who likes this kind of thing will really love it.

M&S Collection Belgian Dark Chocolate Layered Egg
£12, 345 grams,
Some of today’s shapes are more like strange pods from distant lands than eggs. Pity the poor chickens that gave birth to these. Dark chocolate shell with a light inner fuzzy lining. very good

Easter egg taste test

Chocolate Society Caramelized Milk Chocolate Tarte Tatin Eggs
It has little sweets, as Easter eggs should. Very shiny, with biscuity stuff in the shell. Smaller chocks are apple and caramel. very sweet I want to like it, but the balance is a little off.

Aldi specially selected best wildflower eggs
Madcap flowers and pollen are going crazy. A very thick base, so you’re quids, by weight. Some crispy things in chocolate, but I think they disappeared. Very sweet milk chocolate. Not so big. More of a teenager.

M&S Food Extremely Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Eggs
Fun! The cruel part of me says it looks unfortunate. The fun part says it’s a lot of fun. Very spicy, rich chocolate. A cute idea that doesn’t work much – a pack of six small ones might be good.

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Easter egg taste test

Sainsbury’s flavor different dark chocolate fruit and nut egg
Wow, this looks like a universe. It is a very oddly shaped egg, like a missile. I don’t think it’s a very well-made chocolate, and the nuts are oddly missing.

Moser Roth Ruby Chocolate and Raspberry Geometric Egg
Jeweled aspects. So pink! It reminds me of the Pink Panther bar – does anyone remember that? No, everyone is young. I honestly don’t know what it is. A try on strawberries, or cherries? It’s a raspberry!? I find it strange.

Morrison’s Best Belgian Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Eggs
There’s a strange marbling, like I’m looking through the mists of time into a crystal ball, with lost souls. It feels strange, like skin. Delightful red fruit bits – very sweet, no tartness.★

All items are blind tested. Jeremy Lee is the chef-proprietor of Quo Vadis, London, W1; His book Cooking: Simple and good for one or more Out now (4th Estate, £30)


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