YouTube announced Today it’s partnering with Arizona State University and educational video company Crash Course to launch a new program that enables students to earn college credit. The Google-owned company says the new program, called College Foundation, is designed to create an affordable and accessible way to earn college credit.

Starting today, students can Sign up For four courses beginning March 7, 2023 and eligible for transfer credit. The program does not require a minimum GPA for application or enrollment. These include general first-year college courses such as Introduction to Human Communication, Rhetoric and Composition, Real World College Math, and US History to 1865.

The program is expected to expand to 12 available courses by January 2025, giving students the chance to earn credit for their entire first year of college. There is a $25 fee if a student chooses to sign up and begin course work, and a $400 fee to receive college credit for each course. Those who sign up before March 7 will receive a $50 discount. Courses may be taken as needed until the student is satisfied with their grades. The credit can then be used at institutions that accept credit from Arizona State University.

College Foundations is an extension of an existing study hall partnership between Arizona State University, YouTube and Crash Course, an educational channel with more than 14 million subscribers and founded by John and Hank Green.

youtube study hall program for college credit

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“Developed and taught by the same faculty who conduct research and teach students on ASU’s campus, the lessons combine ASU’s academic excellence with a crash course in engaging storytelling — all on the broad platform of YouTube,” the company said. Blog post.

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To get started, students can take a free sneak peek at the courses and then register for the course of their choice, after which they can start earning credits. Once you are in the course, you can contact the successful instructor via email to get help with assignments. You can complete your course when it is convenient for you, but you will have weekly dates for most courses. If you want to access additional support, some instructors hold alternative office hours.

YouTube has long been home to educational content, and the ability to earn college credits makes this content even more focused by giving users a direct path to formal education.

The announcement comes after YouTube recently unveiled Courses, a feature that will seek to bring a structured learning experience to YouTube in India. Teachers will be able to publish and organize their videos and provide reading materials and questions in the video app.


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